Veterans completing their military service and wishing to continue their service as future officers can undertake an ROTC program. ROTC programs are highly supported by NSEP. Through the Project Global Officer (Project GO) initiative, NSEP seeks to improve the critical language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills for future officers.

Project GO provides grants to colleges and universities with ROTC contingents, including the Senior Military Colleges. These Project GO institutions provide language and culture overseas and domestic training to ROTC student across the nation. Any ROTC student may apply to participate in any of the Project GO overseas or domestic programs.  Project GO student funding provides both domestic and overseas ROTC language scholarships. Working in support of Army, Air Force, and Naval ROTC Headquarters, Project GO seeks individuals who want to use language in their roles as leaders in the U.S. military.

Project GO is actively looking for veterans who want to take on the challenge of advanced critical language proficiency, as part of their ROTC experience and future role as officers. To find out about how to apply for a ROTC Project GO award, please go to