National Security Education Board

A 14-member National Security Education Board (NSEB), comprised of representatives from eight Cabinet-level departments and six Presidentially-appointed members, advise NSEP. The NSEB was established as part of NSEP, prescribed in the National Security Education Act of 1991, P.L. 102-183, December 1991, as amended. The Secretary of Defense oversees NSEP in consultation with the NSEB, of which the Secretary is the statutory Chairman. The Secretary delegated these authorities and responsibilities to the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (USD/P&R), with the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness serving as Chair when the USD/P&R is unavailable.

NSEP meets with its Board to gain feedback on what skills are required for the national security workforce. Additionally, NSEP’s Director relies on the Board to provide guidance on hiring practices, internships and clearances, as well as to assist in crafting policy and guidelines. The NSEB provides important value to NSEP by ensuring that its programs remain focused on efforts that serve the broad national security interests of the United States. The Board helps build consensus that meets broad national needs, rather than the needs of a single agency.


Ms. Veronica DaigleU.S. Department of Defense Ms. Veronica Daigle, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness

Presidential Appointee Vacancy

National Endowment for the Humanities, Dr. Claudia Kinkela, Senior Program Officer

Marty AbbottPresidential Appointee Ms. Martha Abbott Executive Director (Former), American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Michael NugentDesignated Federal Official Dr. Michael A. Nugent Director, National Security Education Program

vacancyU.S. Department of Education Ms. Maureen McLaughlin, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Education and Director of International Affairs

Dr. Reuben BrigetyPresidential Appointee Dr. Reuben Brigety Dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University


Department of Energy Vacancy 

Presidential Appointee Vacancy 


U.S. Department of State Ms. Caroline CasagrandeDeputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Presidential Appointee Ms. Suzanne George, Chief Operating Officer, ONE

Presidential Appointee Vacancy

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Mr. Matthew Emrich Associate Director, Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate

Office of the Director of National Intelligence Ms. Sherry Von Sloun Associate Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital Office

VacancyU.S. Department of Commerce Mr. Ruben Pedroza Senior Human Capital Officer, International Trade Administration